Test Results

We receive blood test and x ray results electronically. All results are interpreted and commented on by our clinicians. Once a clinician has interpreted the results, a receptionist is able to give the results and any comments that the clinician has added.

Most results from routine blood tests will be received within 5 working days but occasionally results from special blood tests require longer processing times.

X-rays results are usually received by 10 working days.

Ultrasound, CT and MRI scan results are usually received within 6 weeks, although most of the time it is received before then.

You can contact the practice fr the results by visiting our Test Results Triage. Alternatively, please call the practice on 0121 559 2044 during 11:00-13:00.

If urgent action is required, please rest assured that a member of our team will contact you to discuss the result and further action. Please note that the responsibility is on the patient to follow up any results of the tests.